Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Are ALL Invited!

In the spirit of 'speaking up', MURNI High Committee will organize the 1st National Students' Conference on Women. It aims to bring together presenters and participants with and without working experience to deliberate on one theme: Working Women.

Most interestingly, we shall have two keynote speakers. Mr Hafiz, currently an assistant manager with MAERSK, will share his experience working with women and provide the audience with tips on handling everyday challenge at the workplace. Next, Dr Irmi who is a specialist on family health will raise our consciousness on health matters which we tend to neglect in pursuit of career success.

The conference will also present a nice balance of UNITEN ex-students and the undergraduates. The final list of speakers and their topics will be announced shortly. Until then, perhaps you may want to call Siti Sarah, the program director, at 0196147960. Grab a form and register a.s.a.p. You can also leave me your fax no. at 019-2728644 and i shall send you d registration form.

Come and JOIN US in this intellectual discourse. With our line of speakers, we promise an enlightening and rejuvenating conference. Register and claim your rewards! certificates! SCORUN merits! meals! lucky draws! Also, grab this opportunity to mingle with a lively crowd as you maintain the academic climate on campus.

Best of all,the conference is open to ALL- UNITEN students (RM 10) and the rest of the world (RM20). Please accept our invitation, and I hope to really see all of you at the conference. Show your kind support for women, and make things happen.

Zuraidah Ali
Advisor, 1st National Students' Conference on Women
Resident Counselor, MURNI


Anonymous said...

Hai Pn.Zue,Abu ni..sorry tak reply message Puan..out of credit..saya accept Puan punya offer utk stall jambu..tak kan nak tolak rezeki =p bole saya tahu stall nnti kat luar library or dlm library sbb saya nak kena standby payung nanti..

Dr. Zue said...

Great:) Well, the stalls will be inside the library. 4 stalls aje, selling Emo's flowers, tudung, baju and Jambu Batu ABU. Thanx a zillion Abu, for your kind support. Hope other readers will make time to join us and support the students' project. tq.

Anonymous said...

OK..No prob Pn.Zue and Thank you so much..Nanti saya text Puan kalau saya need apa2 info yer..take care..- abu

Sazmira Saiyed said...

first of psl speech ke psl business???hehehe..
hye pn.zue...this event is very interesting n can found new talent that have in students whoare by their own never know about when u organise a event juz like that it can improve our knowledge n whatever about speech...even i not participate in this but i always be supportive 2 support our new talent there...i wish u luck ma'am...

Hemalan said...

"Invited we are, attend we shall".

This is surely an amazing and opportune experience for all to gain an insight into the lives and lifestyles of working women.

Gender biasing, stereotyping, equal rights, sexism, harassment even, are amongst the crazy thoughts that run through the minds of the fairer sex, looking for a chance to make their mark in society today.

Is it all true ? Does it really effect us that much ? How to avoid it? How to handle it ?

If you have thoughts about these questions or more, you should definitely come on the 6th of Feb to the 1st Conference on Women : Working Women.

Guys ??? Is this going to be a "chick-thing" ??? Nahh, knowledge is power. Want to be a boss/manager someday ? Surely you're going to have females in the organization/company. Let's learn how to avoid a lawsuit in the future guys.

For those guys who are not so ambitious, well,'s a talk about women, with loads of women attending...Point made.

All in all, this is a bold step for the Murni Clan, hats off to the lady behind the scene, Pn. Zue.

A conference on women....gosh, there's not going to be an end to this, is there ??? ... haha.


Unknown said...

definitely coming! :)

~~SHIKIN~~ said...

salam madam zue...

this event is really useful especially for student like me, and don't worry madam...i will come with my friends to support this event and of cause to support my friend as a presenter that day that is fauzia..!! i really proud of her, she's got a talent and this event such a platform for her and also for us...with this event, i hope i got some knowledge and also can improve my skills in speaking and who knows that one day if this kind of event will be held again...maybe i will be a presenter,standing at the stage and speak with confidently and professionally....hope so.hehehe.

ng chalice said...

i am not sure where to start. hehehe.but its really good that there is a conference which brings women of Malaysia to the next level.
i really respect women. each and everyone . 2 of them broke my heart. twice in a life time. honestly speaking, i can 't say much.
ever since in schools, its the girls who are the best at everything. and i really ... well can say envy, in a good way of course. gives me motivation and courage to strive harder. and maybe one day be on par with the best lady. hehehe. but i will never have any relationships or anything. i have been hurt to many times and can 't really take to much of rejection and pain.
but, all i wish to say that,no matter woman or man, both are equal. adam and eve, delilah and samson, romeo and juliet, kim possible, james bond, angelina jolie, brad pitt. hehehehehe. so what. everyone of us is successful in our own ways no matter woman or man. women can have the same pay as man. or even higher if she works more than man.
some man if they let their wife do all the work .... honestly it is not fair. both must share the work equally.
no towards discrimination and sexual bias.
working women have the same rights as man.

Aisyatul said...

It attracts me the first time u gave us the pamphlet Pn Zue . Seriously saying. Haha. This must be a fabulous event because it is all about women. This is because a few minutes before my partner and i have talked about women rights' in class during our informative speech . It boost my mood. All of a sudden i feel so highly enthusiastic to participate . But when i checked the date, unfortunately we will be having our finals on the following week. It is such a waste for me not to be able to join .

interested said...

Hi..mcm mana nak dapatkan registration form? boleh reg via email ke?

si biri-biri said...

Salam madam zue...
Thanks for organising this brilliant event. My friend and i will attend this event to support our presenter, Fauzia and Joel. For me, this event should be attend by all student, to share about woman ability. I,as a woman prefer to support this event. Women as a prime minister. I think at Japan, years ago, the prime minister was a women. Some say that women have to be housewife only. Of coz, it’s true. But, while being housewife, women also can do many things such as working, cooking, study, and other. If women can’t be a leader, why should we, as a women study as higher as we can? Huhuhu.... for me, either women or man, it is still the same. Women create by God, and man also. So, they are both same. Am i right?

Dr. Zue said...

Hi interested.

Welcome to the conference. Please CALL me at 017-2728644. if u r not in uniten, call me/ email at to register and i shall book your place. you'll have a lot to share, learn and cherish...c u.

MiSs LuvLiciOus said...

This is a wonderful event. I would like wish all the presenters Good Luck especially to my friend fauzia.. This is the chance for guys to make use of your talent. So i hope everyone will make use of this chance and gain more experience to become a very talented speaker in future.. :)

linanime (ifahlina) said...

assalammu'alaikum, dear pn.zue.

I’ll come for this conference to support my friends/ Housemate /classmate (fauzia). The topic is really interesting and good for student like us. I also want to invite you to took part in my "pertandingan mengarang sajak” it is for "malam kesenian islam" and will be held in uniten DSS, 25 Feb. night. This competition until 18 Feb. 2010... For more information, you can look at this URL =