Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Sweet Hibernation

My ex-students have been asking about my graceful hibernation for almost two years... hmm.. seriously, I have no specific reason for not composing my thoughts on this blog. But the writer has returned to blogging, all due to chance meeting with some very talented student-bloggers... hey.. I'm so glad I know you guys. So, let's pen down our impressions and get the ball rolling again on writing and speaking up! yeah! I am... so .. back!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

MURNI Top Model 14th March 2012

COme and join d fun & excitement at d extravagant event of d year: MURNI Top Model. It's a showcase of talent and fashion! 50% from judges and d rest??? yepp!! 50% is people's choice...so c u at BV 1 this wednesday 14th March.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Self-grooming Workshop with CLINIQUE

You are all invited!!! Please contact me at 017-2728644 or the names on the poster for registration. See you there!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

National River Clean-up 10th July 2011

Do you know that our picnic-rivers are under threat? If you have enjoyed picnics by the river with family and friends, you may want to act NOW and conserve our watery wonders from dirty and stinky rubbish...in fact, the extent of pollution and deterioration of nature is beyond imagination.

Today, much of our natural beauty have perished at the hands of mankind. As layman,we regret having to witness tremendously horrifying destruction of Mother Nature, and continuous slaughter of our eco-system. Deliberating on these selfish actions is exasperating, and may go beyond our jurisdictions. So, let's identify opportunities to conserve nature at our own backyard, in our neighbourhood or some place where we can perform our responsibility as a concerned citizen.

At UNITEN, undergraduates are involved in diversed community service, and the most recent is National River Clean-up project in collaboration with KAGUM. A total of 87 staff and undergraduates joined the nation's call for conservation of our picnic-rivers. 4 KAGUM members provided the team with the necessary groundrules for river clean-up and joined us in clearing rubbish at the picnic site. Some rubbish are simply ridiculous; for example, who would need a cellphone charger by the river? Indeed we found 'just that' during our national river clean-up project on 10th July 2011.

Finally, we jumped into the river and connected with nature in ultimate bliss!! We pray may our picnic rivers remain this beautiful forever...Our volunteers collected a total of 618 kilos of rubbish from the site. In fact, several other voluntary groups have collected even heavier garbage... and this makes us wonder about the mentality of these litterbugs and selfish picnickers.

It's time to act and volunteer for river clean-up. For those who have participated in such activities, CONGRATULATIONS! The rivers are crying for our help! So, please share your experience with our readers in this blogosphere about your experience as a volunteer for any national river clean-up activtiy, and let's motivate others too.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


This is a truly awesome experience. A grand meeting of great minds and talented, persuasive speakers...i'm glad that the event has brought together participants from various levels namely Foundation, Diploma, Degree and Masters...also, it's ONE MALAYSIA with some international flavour..at least 5 international students joined the competition and Twisha made it to the Finals. Well... 71 participants registered...and this is healthy for a public speaking competition at UNITEN...our friends from GMI, UPSI, Muazzam, and UKM have made it even merrier. Too bad, APIT and KLIUC had to pull out last minute. Let's hope they could join the competition next year.

Thanks to IPSC 2011 committee for a job well done. Yupp!! It's lecturers and students working together on the project that propels success and memento at UNITEN. This year, it's NATIONAL INTER-RESIDENTIAL PUBLIC SPEAKING COMPETITION...next year shall witness a bigger success with better prizes and lucky draws..he..he..more sponsors???

To all our WINNERS, please don't stop here, okay... the journey has only begun. love alwiz from me and IPSC community. Let's make things happen!!!

Here are some photos as memento. of course you can also check the rest of the album on my facebook.